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Opt for the authenticity and book  your chalet rental in Annecy, an accommodation typical of Savoie and of the Alps region. Discover our offers now.

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Our chalet rentals in Annecy

Here are our chalets holiday rentals offers in Annecy in the Alps. We select each Chalet to make sure it matches with My home in quality criterias. My home in also offers apartments for rent in Annecy but also holiday houses for rent in Annecy. Pour those who would like to be close to the lake, there is a chance to to rent an apartment close to Annecy lake or to rent a house next to Annecy lake.

Rent a chalet in Annecy for your holiday

What could be better than a romantic getaway  on a chalet during the  winter, with a fondue that goes well with a  wine of Savoy, staying in the warm  by a fireplace, overlooking the lake and the mountains? And in summer, there’s nothing like opening  the wooden windows and breathe the fresh air of the Alps? Let yourself be seduced by the warmth and beauty of these charming dwellings. Did you know ? The word chalet comes from the Swiss Romand \"cala\", which meant \"sheltered place\". Originally, the chalet designated the shelter in which the cheese-makers found themselves in summer in the alpine pastures to make the cheese. Today, it refers to these typically mountainous wooden buildings that can be found in small villages but also in town and that seduce many travelers by their authenticity and cozy character. Far from the rustic shelter of the mountain peasant, they offer all modern comforts, some architects even strive  to combine the charm of tradition and the codes of contemporary design, with wider openings on the landscapes, and a kind thought to the ecological impact. There are a thousand things to do in the area: hiking, skiing, water sports, shopping, walks, cultural tours, or even hot air ballooning tour! After a busy day, make sure you find a cozy and calm atmosphere in your chalet rental in Annecy by the lake. From the small cottage for lovers lost on the shores of the lake to the vast family residence, from the typical construction to the ultra contemporary chalet, choose from our vast selection of chalets rentals in Annecy. With My Home In Annecy, combine comfort and authenticity and opt for the chalet life!If you prefer to the Savoyard housing more modern housing, you can have a look at our apartments rentals in Annecy.