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Welcome to our travel guide dedicated to Annecy and its surroundings. You will find here informations allowing you to organise your holiday in Annecy and your trip in the entire region if you intend to visit the Haute Savoie. For those interested into history, Annecy has a lot to offer. You won't be disappointed! For the sportive ones, you will find around the Annecy lake activities answering all your expectations. From mountains activities such as hiking, skiing (summer and winter), water rafting. For those who more "sea orientated", the Annecy lake allows sailing all year long, but also water skiing or fishing.

It is time to discover Annecy!

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Savoyarde Fondue
La polenta
The beach of Angon
Albigny's beach
Saint Jorioz's beach
The Imperial Beach
The Marquisats beach
Jean Régis swimming pool
Palais de l'Ile
Conservatory of Art and History
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