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The Annecy Imperial Live Festival is a celebration which gathers together well-known and famous stars, fast - growing young talents and new sources to discover. Dare to discover this delicate city that comes alive throughout the year and makes you discover all kinds of festivals like the Imperial Live Festival of Annecy. Find your accommodation!

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Discover our accommodation to attend the nex Imperial Live Festival in Cannes: villas, houses, apartments carefull selected!

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We are coming to the 3rd edition of this long-awaited celebration by many fanatics of music and comedy. It is an event that can be appreciated in 3 stages: a spicy entry of jazz, a main dish embellished with classical music and as a dessert, you will have the privilege to take advantage of a theater.The Imperial Live Festival is organized, as usual, on the shores of Lake Annecy. It occurs during summer periods and opens its doors wide open to all audiences. Where will the celebration be held? Always at the Imperial Palace. 5 days will be devoted to culture and music and will welcome both neophytes and amateurs.As an opening, the event chose to play only jazz with an alluring and rich repertoire combining tradition and contemporaneity in a well-established world of swing, soul and blues. Then follow classical music concerts that take place during 6 days under the direction of an artist solicited especially for his talent.4 evenings are then intended for the theater to offer a good dose of humor, poetry and casually. On the program, recitals where the tone is given to famous actors combining a capella songs, mimes, hero-comic stage games are organized in perfect harmony.At the end of the day, exhibitions are held, pointing out the works of famous local and foreign artists ... So many activities that will show you a more interesting side of the city of Annecy.Would you like to attend the Imperial Live Festival? We can help you to find an accommodation that will certainly meet all your expectations. Why don’t you opt ​​for accommodation rental ? This is a great way to offer visitors the chance to stay in Annecy during the Festival.You can choose a house rental or a villa rental according to your preferences with swimming pool, with terrace or with sea view ... It's up to you to select the one that suits you best! However, there is also the apartment rental, another alternative, less expensive, dedicated for single people or traveling with up to 5 individuals.