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Small budget ? Do you want  any modern comfort? or wish  to stay in city center, close to all the utilities? Are you tempted by the height, to enjoy a breathtaking panorama? There are countless reasons to choose an apartment rental at Annecy lake.

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Here are our holiday apartment and flat offers in Annecy lake, Haute-Savoie. We select each holiday apartment proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Annecy offers you also a wide selection of properties such as holiday apartments in Annecy or chalets and houses by the Annecy lake.

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Surrounded by the Massif des Bornes in the east,  by the Bauges massif in the west, by the city of Annecy in the north and the Bout-du-Lac nature reserve in the south, Annecy lake offers a variety of landscapes, all of extraordinary beauty. Booking an apartment rental with a view at Annecy lake allows you to enjoy all that beauty as soon as you open your shutters! Generations of artists have allowed themselves to be subdued by these exceptional panoramas. Many painters have placed their easels on the banks of this lake, to capture the light so peculiar, changing as the days and seasons. Paul Cézanne took up residence there in the summer of the late 19th century - at the abbey of Talloires - and made many watercolors and a painting which is famous now: The Blue Lake. The lake has also seduced Turner, who was staying in the region, but also diverse artists such as Gabriel Fauré and Mark Twain. Annecy lake: an inexhaustible source of inspiration! Walk in the footsteps of the greatest and let yourself be seduced by the beauty and mystery that emerge from the panoramas of Annecy. Admire the purity of nature and the art with which men have been able to deal with this territory for centuries. The high silhouette of the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard which is cut out on the sky and the mountains is one of the most beautiful spectacles that you can attend (read on our blog \"Castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard). The Feast of the Lake, which explodes magical fireworks each summer on the Bay of Albigny, is another (read on our blog \"La Fête du lac\"). Book your apartment rental with a view at Annecy lake and wake up the artist who is sleeping in you!For a more typical accommodation, consider also our chalets rental offer on Annecy lake.