Event in Annecy

Aerial sports: Lake Annecy seen from above

If you are subject to dizziness, go on your way. For the rest, Annecy is the destination to take off. Discover the lake and the surrounding mountains in a new light  by rising above. Guaranteed sensations! Paragliding, helicopter, airplane and even hot air balloon: you get many choices. At the aerodrome of Annecy-Meythet, located north of the city, climb aboard a gyrocopter for a magical flight! The lake under your heel, meet the highest summits of the Alps for an...

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The Castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard

Overlooking the lake and the Geneva road from its rocky spur (In Celt, Menthon means "house on the rock"), the castle of Menthon-Saint-Bernard is one of the architectural treasures of the Savoy and a real book of history in open air.Actually, it is almost a thousand years of Savoy history that you can read there, from its edification in simple lookout  until today.In the 12th century, three high towers were built on its rock to keep a close eye on...

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The celebration of the Lake of Annecy

As early as the 16th century, the city of Annecy organized large nautical and pyrotechnic shows in honor of the sovereigns who came to visit it.In 1860, when the county of Savoy was attached to France, Napoleon III celebrated the event by staying a few days in Annecy with the Empress Eugenie. It was on this occasion that he offered the city its first steamboat, the "Crown of Savoy".The Annéciens, desirous of receiving their new sovereign worthily, decided to organize...

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The fortified manor houses in Annecy

The fortified manor houses are high places of the history of Annecy and its surroundings. Discover their destinies and their distinctive features by travelling the region.More than mere residences, but not yet really castles, the fortified manor houses were born in France at the end of the 12th century, on the outskirts of the country towns. Properties of the cadets or of the parents of the great seigneurial families, they had a significant economic and defensive role. Today they are...

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The Annecy Animated movie Festival

Lovers of animation, rendezvous in June in Annecy, where more than 9000 professionals of the sector meet every year.Born in the 1960s, the Festival of Animated Movie of Annecy is today the international reference in the matter. It attracts more visitors - both general public and professional.Come to admire the latest animated nuggets, discover the new talents who will get themsleves talked about sooner and meet the most celebrated ones. For five days, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of...

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