Diving in Annecy

Slip your flippers on and throw yourself in the crystal clear water of the purest lake of Europe, whose bottom reserves  many surprises for you... Lake Annecy offers several diving spots.Just below the cliffs of the nature reserve of Roc de Chère, the waters hide a magnificent fall (rocky underwater wall) about forty meters deep. The fauna and flora are very rich, you may even find, in the autumn, small jellyfishes. Towards -20 meters, you can discover a rift and, on the ground, small wrecks on a bed of vase.You can also choose to dive a little further north in Duingt. The beauty of the castle, which is the pride of the city, is in fact equal to that of the bottoms that surround it. On or under water, the magic effects. At the high ramparts of the castle, on the south side, responds, under water, a falling about 35m, which seems to make of  them the mirror. Dive among the old trees immersed and greet the many pike that observe, pacific, these strange bipeds with fins. This promenade is one of the most popular in the region: you will be welcomed under the water by a welcome sign!The diving no to be missed for anything at all, if you have already an experience, is the one that leads to the wreck of France. You have to go there by boat. Since the wreck is in the middle of the lake, and accompanied by a diver who knows the place. Built in Zurich and assembled at the Puya yard in Annecy, France is a steamer boat launched in May 1909 on the lake. From a height of nearly 50 meters, it could accommodate no less than 700 passengers. It regularly sails back and forth  the lake until the Second World War, where it was reconverted to prison. After the war, it  took again its former use until the early 1960s. During the night of 12 to 13 March 1971, it sank in the lake, for reasons still mysterious ... Come and discover the history of this emblematic boat of the lake d ' Annecy, very well preserved, one of the most beautiful wrecks accessible in fresh water.